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"Aimee Lee. 

Although I might not be able to tie hemp rope onto small jam jars, I'm here today to promise you a life of joyful memories.

To promise you a husband who will do the dishes.

To promise you a romantic moment every night (of course, my definition of romance may differ from yours).

To promise you a life of friendship, full of laughter.

To promise you my support, encouragement and willingness to listen.

To promise you a family.

To promise you my love, faithfulness and loyalty.

Thank you for marrying me."



 I promise to cultivate an incredibly awesome marriage with you.

I promise to treat you with respect, to receive you with warmth and to join you in silliness.

I promise to remember that love means saying 'I feel differently' rather than 'You're wrong.'

I promise to wholeheartedly support your individuality, for it is what I completely love about you.

I promise to save at least one Black Bottom Cupcake from every batch I make, just for you.

I promise to travel all of life's roads with you no matter where they lead.

I promise to be your teacher and your student, your navigator and your co-pilot, your cheerleader and your captain, your lover and your friend.

Thank you for marrying me."