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"My Laura Jane.

In front of all our family, friends, innocent bystanders and Nova Scotians looking for a free dinner.
I, Geordie Mott, take you Laura Jane, to be my lawfully wedded wife.
And I want you, and everyone to know.

That you are my now and forever friend.

Standing here with the gold – in your hair, of the sand and in our rings.
I have fallen into your blue, blue eyes.
I am humbled by your love, and I am honoured that
the most caring and compassionate person I will ever know
is the beautiful woman in front of me who will be my wife.
You are my hero and everything I would hope to be.
I promise to never give you up
I promise to never let you down
I promise to never run around and desert you.
I promise to have and to hold. 
Through sickness, fractures, concussions, multiple injuries.
 And, even in health.
I promise to keep your toes and fingers warm when they get cold.
I promise to always keep your beverage topped up.
I promise never to hold the phone away from my ear while you’re talking.
I promise to cherish you through any and all of arguments – well – fights really. 
I promise that I will handle all the styrofoam that we ever meet.
I don’t know if I can give you very much. 
But, I promise it will always be everything I have.
And I promise that I will love and honour you all the days of my life and beyond.
Because I don’t believe that even death will ever do us part.
As I look into your blue, blue eyes.
You and me forever, baby."

-Geordie Mott