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Melanie aka Mel G.
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Work: English Teacher. Law student.
Three Facts: A wannabe wedding singer, awesome at arcade basketball, loves her dogs more than life.
Superpower: Ability to enchant animals with her singing.

Rene aka Rene.
Hometown: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.
Work: English teacher.
Three facts: A competitive swimmer since the age of three, fought a shark and won, only uses conditioner once a month despite his luxuriously shiny hair.
Superpower: Ability to amplify Mel’s awesomeness.

How they met: Melanie was Rene’s boss and succumbed to Rene’s inappropriate wooing attempts.

The Proposal: Rene took Melanie on a surprise trip to Jeju island. At a beachside BBQ he asked the waitress to take a picture of them together. As Melanie was getting frustrated with a perfectly good glass of wine and dinner on the table, Rene kept making them walk around the resort with the waitress looking for some light. When she finally said "This is good enough, just take the picture!" he got down on one knee.

She said yes.

And it was a mighty good day.