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Cousin Ben: Your badge in seamanship?

Sam: Yes, sir.

Cousin Ben: Good. There's a cold water crabber moored off Broken Rock. The skipper owes me an IOU. We'll see if he can take you on as a claw cracker. It won't be an easy life, but it's better than shock therapy.

Sam: Thank you, sir. By the way, where's the chapel tent?

Cousin Ben: Back there, but the padre's home with the mumps. Why do you ask?

Sam: I want to bring my wife.

Suzy: But we're not married yet.

Cousin Ben: You his girl?

Suzy: Yeah.

Cousin Ben: Technically, I'm a civil law scrivener. I'm authorized to declare births, deaths, and marriages. You're kind of young. You got a license?

Suzy: No.

Cousin Ben: I can't offer you a legally binding union. It won't hold up in the state, the county, or frankly, any courtroom in the world, due to your age, lack of a license, and failure to get parental consent. But the ritual does carry a very important moral weight within yourselves. You can't enter into the contract lightly. Look into my eyes. Do you love each other?

Suzy: Yes, we do.

Cousin Ben: Think about what I'm saying. Are you sure you're ready for this?

Suzy: Yes, we are.

Cousin Ben: They're not listening to me. Let me rephrase it.

Suzy: We're in a hurry.

Cousin Ben: Are you chewing gum? Spit out the gum, sister. In fact, everybody. I don't like the snappy attitude. This is the most important decision you've made in your lives. Now go over by the trampoline and talk it through before you give me another quick answer.